Wax Witches

If you’re in need of music with a nostalgic sound that forces you to reminisce on your youth, then you’ve found the right band. Sounding like they’ve emerged straight from the backyard of a 90’s Californian party, are Queensland’s Wax Witches – the solo project from Alex Wall, frontman for Bleeding Knees Club. If you’re a Bleeding Knees fan, not to worry, they aren’t going anywhere. This is just a side project, and a means of keeping busy in between the hectic BKC schedule.

wax witches band

Having previously released two EPs – Melted Green and Moon Dilemmas – the success of Wax Witches was undeniable. American label Burger Records oversaw their sold-out success after endorsing both EPs. Wax Witches’ 2013 debut album Celebrity Beatings is some of Wall’s proudest work. Celebrity Beatings is all that the name suggests – 16 unique and enthralling songs with equally intriguing titles, I Hate Your Guts, Punk is For Gays and Ballad of a Loser. Each track has a dominating heavy metal sound with a collision of instruments and soundscapes that compliment each other. Nearly every instrument used on the album was recorded by Wall himself, in his Gold Coast bedroom. The youthful resonance is his vocals is empowering, regardless of his simple recording process – a microphone, laptop and guitar.

Upon my quest to desperately find an upcoming gig, I stumbled upon the Wax Witches’ line of merchandise. It is definitely the most unique merchandise I have seen in a while. It became all the more appealing to me after learning that Wall studied design at university. I then went on to learn that he is the founding member of his own clothing line ‘100 Percent Zero’ for which he also does all the photography. Phew – much creative.

Having previously performed a couple of shows in Queensland, Wax Witches are not scheduled to make any upcoming appearances however if you want to get a taste of it yourself, check out the Bandcamp and other links.