We stalked Bec Sandridge’s Instagram and dug deep into the real questions: music, records and candy.

Bec Sandridge won over our hearts last year with her triumphant single In The Fog, In The Flame ​a jilty 80s-inspired slice of pop that was as fragile as it was buoyant. Since then she has been relatively quiet, spending her time building up a portfolio of pretty impressive support slots (Dave Wave, Shining Bird and Calexico just to name a few) and playing festivals (she tore it up at Yours and Owls).

We’re getting pretty tune-hungry though, and we thought she might be on the cusp of releasing something incredible once again, so we asked her to play the Happy Mag # 2 launch party to see if we could get a first taste of what’s to come. Being the busy girl that she is, stalking her Instagram was the easiest way to get the low down on what’d she’s been up to, yet hankering for some nourishing dynamic info we sought out an interview, the legit lady said alright, so we interviewed her accordingly.

bec sandridge

Bec Sandridge won over our heart with In the Fog, In the Flame. We went deep into Instagram to see what she’s been up to.

Happy: Hey Bec, how’s tricks?

Bec: Busy, but good! Thankyou kind sir!

Happy: I see you are currently on top of a mountain somewhere. What are you up to​?​ Writing perhaps?

Bec: Just jetting away to the Blue Mountains on a wee getaway before a big announcement, before things get too busy… There was also a piano at the bed and breakfast, so some writing / dabbling took place.

Happy: Nice! What is your favourite kind of flower or piece of vegetation?

Bec: Sunflowers, without a doubt.

Happy: You seem to dig vinyl and going to record stores. Where are your favourite places to go to buy records? What have you bought recently?

Bec: When I’m in Glasgow, I love Mono records. When I’m in Wollongong I like Music Farmers.  I just bought ABBA which is my go-to boogie (#thewinnertakesitall #dancingqueen)

Happy: Can’t argue with that! You wear some pretty fucking cool clothes? Where do you buy stuff? Who/ what​ inspires your threads?

Bec: Thankyah! I travel a lot, so all over really… I really like a market in Berlin by Mauerpark which you could sift through things literally for hours and also Mr Brown’s in Glasgow. There’s some really, really old and daggy (but trendy) items in both spaces (I love a good velour or velvet number). But I also really love ASOS for basic buys.

Happy: You’ve been in the studio a bit recently​? Is there any gear that you have fallen in love with recently?

Bec: I love Tony’s (my producer) Guild Corona guitar! It’s a dreamy sunburst colour and sounds wild.

Happy: On top of buying records you like buying good old fashioned literature too – who are you reading at the moment?

Bec: Bukowski and Cohen, always.

Happy: What do you think about Happy bringing out a print magazine – do you think we’ve made a grave mistake or are dead set legends?

Bec: DSLz! My parents own a small news agency so I’ve always loved a good magazine (Total Girl ​FTW​).

Happy: You obviously have a really strong connection with Wollongong. What is it about the Leisure Coast that you love and keeps you there?

Bec: I’ve grown up in Stanwell Park, so I’ve always loved mountains. But I’ve also spent a large amount of my time living in Scotland. Both have nice mountains I guess? And nice people.  And a nice music scene.

Happy: If you could buy 3 guitars pedals and had unlimited funds, what would you buy?

Bec: I don’t really have a list / I’​m not much of a gear-head, but I’d like a Line 6 or TC​ Flashback for now. I’d probably prefer a Juno synth to be honest…

Happy: What is your favourite kind of candy?

Bec: Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.