You can now play a Weezer-themed version of Wordle

Rivers Cuomo has announced ‘Weezle’: A new, Weezer-themed version of the popular word-guessing game Wordle.

One month after launching a new Weezer demo-streaming platform called Weezify, the group’s frontman Rivers Cuomo has announced he will be making a knock-off Wordle for Weezer fans.

If you’re prone to missing viral sensations, Wordle is an online game that gives users six chances to guess a five-letter word using colour-coded clues.

Credit: Getty Images

Weezer fans can now spend hours guessing words from the (surely very limited) list of five-letter terms associated with the American band.

The official word list is yet to be revealed, but since “Island in the Sun” is more than five letters, 90% of the world are going to struggle to guess any of the words in the Weezle database.

This isn’t the first time Weezer have tried their hand at game development, they also released an 8-bit fighting game based around their 2019 single End of the Game.

It seems like video games could be a worthwhile venture for musicians. It also proved successful for Brisbane band DZ Deathrays who charted on the App Store last year with Dive Bar Superstars, a tribute to the age of arcade.

If you’re keen to spend your weekend playing Weezer-themed puzzle games, you can play Weezle here.