Rivers Cuomo launches new streaming platform: Weezify

Rivers Cuomo launches new streaming platform: Weezify

Did you recently cancel your Spotify account? Try a new streaming platform Weezify… the catch is it only contains Weezer demos.

Weezer‘s Rivers Cuomo has launched his very own streaming service, Weezify, which hosts roughly 3,500 demos recorded between 1975 and 2017. Many of these even predate Weezer.

According to its description in the Apple App store, the Weezify project took Cuomo the whole of 2021 to make.

Credit: Weezify

What’s impressive about Weezify is not only the immense volume of music made by Cuomo but also his proficiency in software programming.

A Harvard graduate, Cuomo recently underwent further study in the form of an online CS50 course, learning programs such as Scratch and Python.

Weezify is the product of this…a pretty fucking cool amalgamation of Cuomo’s songwriting and coding powers.

Whilst speaking to  TechCrunch+ in 2020, Cuomo said he’d been keeping a record of his songs in Microsoft Excel and Access, which, as it grew in volume, led him to an interest in coding.

Speaking of his experience in the online CS50 course Cuomo said, “By the end of the course, I was writing programs that were really helping me manage my day-to-day life as a traveling musician and then also managing my spreadsheets and managing my work as a creative artist.”

Weezify, like Spotify, offers a number of curated playlists for users to follow. They can also create their own playlists.

The demo library is split into 12 bundles distinguished by era. Weezify bundles cost $9 each to purchase and play, which is less than a Spotify monthly subscription.

With an increase in artist dissatisfaction in Spotify, a movement spearheaded by 70’s folk icons Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, could Weezify represent an exciting new way for artists to share their music more responsibly and with a greater financial benefit?

Weezify arrives as Weezer plan their upcoming four-album release, Seasons. The streaming service is available via Apple and Google Play.