Welcome to the future: Pornhub is now accepting Bitcoin

Pornhub has announced it’s expanding its cryptocurrency payment options to include Bitcoin and now paying for porn has never been easier.

Gone are the days where you diligently input your card details to buy a humble Pornhub subscription. And the ceremonious visit to the corner store jiggling a pocketful of change to buy the latest Playboy magazine? Ancient history.

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s 2020 now baby, and not only can you listen to music in your own brain, you can also buy porn with Bitcoin.

pornhub bitcoin

Last week Pornhub announced they were expanding their cryptocurrency payment options to include Bitcoin and Litecoin. These build upon their previous crypto options of Tron, Verge, and Pumapay, which were first introduced back in 2018.

“As a leader in adult content with over 130 million visitors per day, Pornhub is excited to now offer two widely-used and leading digital currencies for our users,” described Pornhub Vice President Corey Price.

“Our team continues to pave the way for tech development, testing and implementing new technology for everyday consumers far ahead of the mainstream market.”

The update is sure to come as welcome news for many. Call me old fashioned, but I’ll probably still opt for that stroll to the corner store – with or without Bitcoin.

If you’re not quite across the whole Bitcoin thing, let The Simpsons get you up to speed.

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