Which was Netflix’s biggest streaming day in 2017? We’ll give you one guess

Today streaming giant Netflix have been dominating the headlines, following a share of their 2017 ‘binge stats’. Despite the uncomfortable idea that Netflix perused my data like a good ‘Recommended for You’ list, there really were some juicy nuggets in there.

But the one which caught my eye most was nestled in the bottom corner – the revelation of Netflix’s biggest streaming day. In layman’s terms, the one day where the whole world just couldn’t be assed to peel themselves off the couch.

netflix most streamed 2017

Netflix has revealed the ultimate day for bingeing. And the best news is, it’s coming around again very soon.

On January 1st, the service recorded their biggest streaming day of 2017. The one day where hangovers, disgusting work shifts, humongous amounts of travel and a massive release of the past year’s woe all come together in unison.

So whichever NYE festival you’re heading to this year, or whoever’s home you intend on passing out in before midnight even rolls around, keep the calendar clear for the following day. Even pre-download a few key flicks if you want (hot tip, January 1st is the only day I’ve ever slammed down all three Lord of the Rings films in one sitting).

Here’s to another lazy new years day come 2018. Don’t feel like you have to do anything – the rest of the world sure doesn’t.

Via Netflix.