Whip out the day planners: The Yours & Owls set times are here

Yours & Owls festival is growing faster than your teenage boy. These days, the killer event is basically responsible for a sharp spike in Wollongong tourism.

However, with every festival ticket purchased by an Aussie punter comes the fear of the unknown; will you have to choose between two bands you absolutely froth over when the day finally comes?

yours & owls set times

The Yours & Owls set times are here, and so begins thousands of frantic Facebook group messages arguing over which acts are unmissable this year.

Diagnosis: there’s going to be some tough calls ahead, which tends to happen when you pack a weekend with this many sick acts.

On the first night, some of the Sophie’s choices you’ll have to make are between Shining Bird and Tees as early as 1pm. Later on you’ll face more dilemmas, such as Client Liaison or Sampa The Great and The Jezabels vs. The Sonics.

Causing trouble early on the Sunday will be Bec Sandridge and The Pinheads, but luckily these two differ enough in style to appear to different audiences. This actually seems to be true of most of the festival’s second day, offering ticket holders the choice of house producer Hermitude and the absolutely batshit psychedelic import Black Mountain for the headline slot.

Grab a better look at the set times in glorious high resolution on the Facebook event.