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“Pathetic” and “misogynistic” Wicked Campers banned by Wollombi Music Festival

Wicked Campers, the famously controversially painted camper vans often seen on coastal freeways in summer, have officially been banned by Wollombi Music Festival.

Festival organisers have previously voiced their concerns about the campers at their event, suggesting that festival goers make alternate arrangements. But this year, the festival has taken the next step of an outright ban.

wicked campers banned Wollombi festival

Organisers of the Wollombi Music Festival slammed Wicked Campers for their “pathetically unfunny and misogynistic slogans”.

In a statement released by the Wollombi Music Festival, organisers said that as they aim to make their event feel as safe and inclusive as possible, it was decided that Wicked Campers have no place on site.

“…this year we’ve decided to ban them full-stop. Not just if a van has a demeaning slogan. If ANY Wicked Camper turns up at the fest they won’t be welcome.” 

“We know other events like Splendour have voiced their opposition, but we’re not sure if any other festival has banned them outright. We know we’re small, but any impact we can have on changing the culture of demeaning and abusing women disguised as good fun or an example of free speech we will.”

Taking the step to ban the offensive vans is a great move towards creating fully inclusive and safe environments for festival goers. We can only hope now that more festival organisers follow suit and get the message across.


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January 24, 2019