Wiggles announces new, gender diverse cast, including non-binary Unicorn

The Wiggles will be introducing four new band members to allow for a more ‘gender balanced and diverse cast’.

Beauty, mate!

The beloved Australian children’s musical group, The Wiggles, is set to become a varied group of eight for its new YouTube series Fruit Salad TV. This was done to “inspire a diverse audience” so children “see themselves reflected on the screen.” 

Wiggles new diverse cast members
Image: ABC News

There are four new cast members – each representing the original Wiggles colours. There will even be the inclusion of a yellow unicorn, Shirley Shawn, who uses they/them pronouns.

Two other characters, a cop and a hand puppet, are also said to be non-binary but will not have as much screen time.


Photo of new Wiggles cast
Image via Daily Telegraph

Tsehay Hawkins – at just 15 years old – is the second red Wiggle. She was born in Ethiopia and has already made a name for herself as a Latin dance champion.

Evie Ferris – the second blue Wiggle – is an Aboriginal-Australian who is a Corps de ballet dancer within the Australian Ballet.

John Pearce – member of hit Australian band Justice Crew – will be the second purple Wiggle.

Lastly, Chinese-Australian actress Kelly Hamilton will be the second yellow Wiggle.

These four will be joining the current crew.

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field, 58, is the only remaining original.

Naturally, such an announcement has inevitably garnered the unsolicited opinions of conservative commentary.

Conservative longs for the days when Wiggles upheld traditional values of 4 grown men living together in a house with no women:


— The Chaser (@chaser) August 23, 2021

Matt Canavan, an outspoken Conservative Nationals senator from Queensland spoke of the announcement saying: “The Wiggles are free to do what they like. It was nice while it lasted. But you go woke, you go broke.

As per the course of the internet the new cast is being praised and Canavan is being mocked for his unrequested comments.