Wild Oak take you on a shimmering cinematic journey on their debut EP

Wild Oak may have only been playing together for 2 years, but their confidence is what strikes you first when listening to their music. With wide, uncluttered sound stages, and ethereal, breathy vocals, their sound is all at once moving and uplifting, with heartfelt and vulnerable storytelling that pulls on the heartstrings.

Their debut self-titled EP is approachable and uplifting, with meaningful lyrics and cinematic soundscapes, finding a gorgeous middle ground between the folk-pop sounds of Colbie Caillat, the soft rock sounds of Carla Geneve and the crystal clear vocals of Vera Blue.

Perth-based four-piece Wild Oak deliver a cinematic and heartfelt journey on their debut self-titled EP that’s both moving and uplifting.

Perth-based four-piece Wild Oak are made up of vocalist and guitarist Oakley Driscoll, guitarist Brent Davies, bassist Joe Powell, and percussionist Oliver Wells. Stemming from a duo, they became a full band in 2017, and have been developing their sound through live gigs across Perth since.

Their debut EP is a cinematic, honest, and personal journey of emotionally-charged lyrics, down-beat tempos and soft guitar elements that create a wistful aura that evokes a sense of carefree bright-eyed positivity and hopefulness. Oakley’s voice is clear and resonant, and would sound so in any decade. The simple melodies of acoustic guitars, piano chords and minimalist drums form the perfect velvety and atmospheric backdrop for the sweetness of her voice.

Through the heartfelt lyrics and moving melodies, each track brings the flickering supercut of a romance film to mind, evoking a wistful nostalgia that ignites a little fire in your belly.  There’s a poignant fullness to their sound that leaves a passionate, uplifted aftertaste.

Wild Oak’s confidence in sound stems directly from their dynamic, lighthearted and energetic live shows, these four are a tight-knit bunch and it shows. “The connection that we establish with our audience during a live gig – people really seem to connect with the music/lyrics and emotion behind our tunes,” says vocalist Oakley Driscoll.

“We are professional in our delivery but the way I interact with the crowd is very personal and we’re quite light and bubbly on stage – lots of smiling and lots of interaction between the band members.”

You’ll be able to catch their live show at local venues around Perth, playing alongside bands such as Old Blood, The Southern River Band and Your Girl Pho. The band are also in the process of recording a new single, channeling a bit of a Vance Joy vibe with the help of a ukelele, so keep an eye out for that one cause it’s sure to be a delight.