You can now buy face masks with your face printed on them

Just imagine; it’s a casual Tuesday, you’re walking home from a long day at work when bam! You see someone from across the street snatch off their own face to reveal another face underneath. It sounds like something from a dystopic ’00s horror movie, but it’s the painful affliction brought on us by designer Danielle Baskin.

Intended as a way to use facial recognition technology on phones while keeping COVID-safe, the brand Maskalike will print your very own, faced-themed mask for you to terrify the neighbourhood with.

Photo: Maskalike

Welcome to your nightmares. The brand Maskalike thought it’d be a swell idea to let people print their own faces onto masks.

Advertised in the Wall Street Journal, Maskalike boasts that all their products are made from machine-washable cotton, and are designed to create a seamless look that blends right in with your actual face. Look, the idea is there and I respect it, but it’s a resounding no from me. I’m not overly keen to come to a point in my life where I have to ask; is that a mask, or their actual face? Plus, there’s also the commitment to what picture you choose, because whichever expression you have is the expression you’re stuck with forever.

Turns out that Maskalike currently has a waitlist for their custom designs, meaning that these abominations will be on our streets before too long. But, good news for any wanted criminals who are keen to keep their identity under wraps, you can also buy masks printed straight from your favourite stock photos. A crowd favourite is the ‘Hide the Pain Harold’ collection, the mask that will make you “look permanently uncomfortable, trying to be happy.”

If, for some reason, you want to learn more, check out the Maskalike website here.