You can now crush the Bunnings Warehouse theme in ‘Beat Saber’

The Bunnings Warehouse theme has come to Beat Saber. Someone literally beat-mapped the entire theme.

The entire Bunnings Warehouse theme, the same one that’s been pummelled into the minds of every Aussie, is now a playable song on Beat Saber.

Beat-mapped and live, you can now swing two sticks instead of sizzling snags (you decide which one you would rather) in this incredible tribute to Bunnings Warehouse.

beat saber

The song’s duration is 35 seconds at 120bpm, making it quite easy in comparison to the more difficult releases within the rhythm game community. The short custom map is lacking the complicated streams and jumps that would give Beat Saber its challenging edge, but we all know that this particular song isn’t here for that purpose.

No one’s playing the Bunnings Warehouse theme to declare themselves as some quasi-god of Beat Saber, it’s just here as a hilarious meme.

It’s these sorts of community efforts that keep the rhythm game scene fresh and alive. As new music is constantly being pumped out, the possibilities are endless. That said, there’s a slight issue with the legality for custom maps wherein the creators very rarely have legal rights to the audio file. However, disputes are incredibly rare within the community, and there’s very little incentive involved with seeking legal action in most cases.

Watch the Australian streamer Naysy play the beatmap on Twitch here.