You can now Netflix and chill to Baz Luhrmann’s series on the birth of New York hip hop

The first trailer for The Get Down, a Baz Luhrmann creation to be aired via Netflix, has been shared and based on the three minutes of footage, it looks incredible.

New York Hip Hop

Based around a socially changing New York in the 1970’s, The Get Down follows a wayward group of teens who explore the musical and violent avenues of their neighbourhood, and ultimately the birth of hip hop in the Bronx.

The trailer is littered with some pretty epic scenes, and throws out love, lust, violence and music…what else could you ask for? This will be Luhrmann’s first television series, which according to The Sydney Morning Herald, took him ten years to produce and finalise.

I think this may be a good excuse for me to finally give in and join the addictive force of Netflix.


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