You can swap The Chats’ latest record for drugs, new infomercial claims

With mere weeks away from the release of their debut album High Risk Behaviour, The Chats have dropped an educational informercial highlighting the many uses and versatility of their humble record.

“Have you grown tired of talented musicians pouring their heart and soul into the music they create?” the narrator asks. Why yes, yes we do. “Do you find yourself wishing there was a band that encapsulates Australian juvenile delinquency and stupidity? Well, have we got the product for you.” 

The Chats

Have you ever looked at your favourite vinyl and wished you could use it in your everyday life? Well The Chats have go you covered.

The informercial outlines the various potential uses of their “High Quality 5 star album,” including but not limited to:

  • Smoking it
  • Skating with it
  • Shaving with it
  • Fucking throwing it around your backyard
  • And, trading it for drugs

“The Chats do not accept any responsibility for any criminal acts related to or inspired by their record,” the informercial closes.

High Risk Behaviour is set to drop on March 27th, featuring classic tracks such as Pub Feed, Identity Theft, and the recently-released Dine N Dash.

Although they haven’t even dropped their first album yet, The Chats have had an absolutely mammoth year. The Queensland rockers sold out shows for their Identity Theft tour, booked Coachella 2020, linked up with the “succulent Chinese meal” guy for their latest music video and had potentially the most awkward Today Show interview ever.

But most importantly, they starred on the cover of Happy’s Issue 14, now available online and in stores.

Learn how to best use your records below: