You need to watch Eleven from Stranger Things totally nail Nicki Minaj’s rap from Kanye West’s Monster

Millie Bobby Brown is a child prodigy.

You know her as Eleven from gargantuan Netflix hit Stranger Things; but what you probably didn’t know is that she’s also a total badass rapper as she proved recently on Jimmy Fallon.

Stranger things

This is the best things you’ll see all week: Eleven from Stranger Things ripping through the Nicki Minaj’s rap from Kanye West’s Monster on Jimmy Fallon.

Appearing on a segment called ‘stranger strings’ alongside her fellow child star cast mates (and Fallon of course) where they each had to try and guess strange things and spray silly string on one another, Brown revealed that she can “perfectly rap Minaj’s verse from Monster.” 

She then proceeds to launch into the verse, completely tearing it apart with silly string all over her face. It’s absolutely brilliant, check it out below: