Young boy saved from 3.6-metre shark by heroic dad and his life jacket

A Tasmanian boy has been saved from a 3.6-metre great white shark after his heroic father jumped into the water after him.

The 10-year-old boy was pulled from his fishing boat 5km off the Tasmanian town of Stanley. The ginormous bite marks on the boy’s life jacket left a pretty good indication of the size of the shark.

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Photo: Karen Zhang

The Father of the Year award has to go to this bloke who jumped into shark-infested waters to save his son from a 3.6-metre great white.

CSIRO scientists examined the bite marks on the boy’s shredded life jacket and determined that the protective wear had indeed saved his life. It has been revealed that the shark opted for a surprise attack, leaping out of the water and grabbing the boy in one swoop.

The boy is currently recovering from lacerations to his arm, chest, and head sustained in the attack. “This has been a traumatic event for the boy and his family,” Tasmanian Police told 9News in a statement.

Whilst this has been an extraordinary event, it highlights the importance of wearing a well maintained and correctly fitted life jacket as that, combined with the bravery of his father, helped save the boys life.”

Stanley resident Diane Maynard, who provided initial first aid for the boy when he was brought ashore, praised the father’s actions and bravery.

The father was doing an amazing job in the circumstances, it was a pretty scary situation,” Maynard told ABC. The father was holding it together really well. I don’t think I would have done as good a job as he did in that situation.”