Young Franco releases new single ‘Like That’ with Pell and Jafunk

Young Franco, Pell and Jafunk have teamed up on a groovy and powerful new R&B/hip hop single, Like That.

If you want more spring in your step this week, the new funky, feel-good hit, Like That by Young Franco, Pell and Jafunk will do the trick.

Showcasing energetic bass lines, a fiercely-addictive beat and Pell’s slick bars, this flawlessly-produced R&B/hip hop single is the perfect Monday morning pick-me-up to start your week off right!

Young Franco and Jafunk. Credit: Audryana Cruz

Like That marks the fourth collaborative track to be released by Sydney-based Young Franco and US rapper, Pell. With the addition of Perth-hailing Berlin producer, Jafunk, this track is unsurprisingly awesome, considering the musically-genius international trio behind it.

Stream Like That below.