Rushed but timely: President Zelensky’s first Biography

Ukrainian President Zelensky has a biography, and given the climate, it may be rushed, but it’s timely. 

President Volodymyr Zelensky, also known as the modern-day David taking on Goliath that is Russia, has just released his first biography Zelensky: A Biography (Polity Books) slated for release in July.  

The Ukrainian president has seen a tremendous wave of support in recent months from countries far and wide, due to the ongoing war with Russia. In defence of his country, he is receiving support from every corner of the globe, in every way possible without physically intervening, with America, Germany, and France among others contributing between them over 47 billion dollars in aid.

Zelensky first memoir
Credit: Time

Anyone watching the news already knows a little bit about the man that is defending his country with all he’s got. Before taking the top job in the country, he was once a comedic actor, who had starred in a hit TV series called Servant of the People, in which he played a high-school history teacher who, after making an anti-corruption rant that went viral, he unexpectedly became president of Ukraine. In the way that life often imitates art, he went on to set up his own political party and ran for president.  

His new bio is not so much a life story, but an account of the last three years, which in many respects, are three of the most important years of his term as President. 

But the war isn’t over, and if Zelensky: A Biography is to serve as a tool for support, educational or otherwise, keep in mind, that it has been written for a Ukrainian audience. And unless you are well versed in Ukrainian politics, it could come across as a tough read. But now more than ever, the Ukrainian people need to know who their ‘David’ is, and in this light, it may be rushed, but it’s also timely. 

Zelensky: the biography
Credit: Polity Books