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Zoom V3: a one-stop shop for creative vocal processing

Zoom has long been famous for making hardware that puts the power in the hands of creators, including multi-effects pedals for guitar, all-in-one hardware recorders for the studio and the field and much more. They’ve applied the same philosophy to the V3: a single piece of hardware designed for creative vocal processing on the fly.

Presenting a familiar 16-pad interface, all clearly marked with the effects at your disposal, the V3 is designed to get vocalists into the experimental zone and keep them there.Zoom V3

The Zoom V3 is the no-fuss vocal processor that provides ample opportunities for experimentation, complete with real-time harmonising, autotuning and more.

Classic hip-hop, funk and EDM effects abound on the V3, including Talk Box, Vocoder, AutoTune (which is labelled ‘Pitch Correct’) and Formant Character (which you can use to plumb the deep octaves or soar into chipmunk territory).

Beyond this heavily stylised selection, you can dial in Distortion, Octave, Harmony, Chorus and some good old reverb, delay and compression. You can also assign a key, which makes the Harmony and Pitch Correct settings relevant to the key of your song.

Beyond the effects capabilities, the V3 offers a sturdy preamp (with phantom power on hand) and the ability to function as a USB audio interface.

For further information and demonstrations, visit Zoom.