1000 people showed up to a bush doof near Byron Bay last weekend

1000 people showed up to a bush doof near Byron Bay last weekend

A bush doof near Byron Bay last weekend hosted over 1000 punters, grossly violating NSW social distancing rules which currently permits gatherings of 20 people inside a residence.

Authorities have used words like “dumbfounded” and “disappointed” to respond to organisers of the dance party, and the event has been just one in a series of recent gatherings that have violated social gatherings rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

bush doof

An illegal bush doof near Byron Bay, hosting over 1000 people, was shut down by police last weekend for breaching NSW social distancing rules.

Health authorities have expressed concern that the event may create a COVID 19 hotspot within the region, and contact tracing would be extremely difficult given the number of patrons in attendance.

Byron/Tweed Police Detective Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe said the event organisers were not fined but could have faced penalties for breaching the Public Health Act.

He also said that on the same weekend, police were also called to a house party in Byron Bay, where the number of people was estimated to be around 200, a figure which he described an extreme.

“Our regime is to educate to warn them, and if the behaviour continues we will consider fining people,” he said

A breach of the Public Health Act carries a hefty price tag, with penalties of up to $11,000 dollars and six months imprisonment.