Thursday is the new Friday as 4-day work week trials prove successful

Pinch me now! 4-day work week trials in the UK are showing great success, with 86% of businesses keeping it. Australia, can we try this next?

Three-day weekend, every weekend? Sounds like a bloody dream if you ask us. In June of this year, a 4-day work week test program was launched in the UK by nonprofit organisation, 4 Day Week Global.

Now, according to survey results, 86% of participating businesses declare they’d like to keep the shorter week going once the trial is over. The survey, conducted mid-trial, showed that despite the decrease in working hours, productivity stayed the same. In some cases, it even increased.


The results indicated that employees having more time for family and rest improved their professional performance. Reflecting on the trial, Joe O’Connor, CEO of 4 Day Week Global, said: “We are learning that for many it is a fairly smooth transition and for some there are some understandable hurdles – especially among those which have comparatively fixed or inflexible practices, systems, or cultures which date back well into the last century.”

As per IFLSCIENCE, “4 Day Week Global aims to continue creating pilot programs to bring the idea to more companies across the world, in the hopes that both employees and employers can benefit from trialing it.” What do you guys think? Reckon it’s worth a shot in Australia? We think so! How about it, Albo?