5 incredible performances from BIGSOUND 2018

Having had the weekend to fully recover from the frantic wonder of BIGSOUND 2018, it was a really, really good time. From 8PM through till the wee hours, three nights in a row, we were served the brightest Australian artists finding their feet in the scene.

The festival was sublimely curated start to finish, and nobody we caught was underwhelming onstage. That said, there were undoubtedly highlights… so here we go.

wax chattels bigsound 2018
All photos: Mikaela Grob

With BIGSOUND 2018 wrapped, here are five artists we’ll be keeping a very close eye on over the coming year. If you’re wise, you will too.

Wax Chattels

Checking into BIGSOUND all the way from Auckland were Wax Chattels. Somewhat of an unconventional three piece, they’re comprised of Amanda on bass and vocals, Tom on a minimalistic kit, and Peter on keyboards and vocals.

Truth be told, I didn’t know who to watch. The trio all bring a dark and fiery energy onstage, multiplied by their gloomy and industrial math rock. Together they hammered out what was likely the most intense set of the festival.

Carla Geneve

Based in Perth where musicianship seems to run in the tap water, Carla Geneve is a singular talent I’ve been trying to catch live since hearing her single Greg’s Discount ChemistHer lyrics are sharp, her band are tight, and she knows how to throw a guitar around with the best.

Coming up she’ll be playing at Queenscliff Music Festival, Faigrounds and a few other choice events. If you’re heading along to any of those, this is someone you absolutely can’t miss.

I Know Leopard

Off the back of their spectacular recent single Landmine, there was a sizeable crowd waiting for I Know Leopard before they played the Thursday night at BIGSOUND. They left none disappointed, whipping through an incredible set filled mostly by new tunes.

They’ll be touring through Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne this October, so be sure to head along for that futuristic, synth pop fix.

Emerson Snowe

I caught Emerson Snowe closing the first night of BIGSOUND 2018. He played a series of songs with just a guitar and a tape machine, then tied off the show with a few tracks backed by a full band – including his latest single Sunlight.

As it turned out, that had been the first ever Emerson Snowe show with a band, and it was fantastic. It seemed some decision makers at the festival shared my diagnosis, and three days later he received the $30,000 Levi’s Music Prize.

Georgia Mulligan

Sydneysider Georgia Mulligan was a little slower going than the four artists mentioned, but I was hanging on every word she said. All of her songs strike deep into your chest, and it was amazing to see many of them in person for the first time.

You can catch Georgia Mulligan playing our next show on September 29th at The Lady Hampshire in Sydney. Grab all the details here.


Keep an eye out for several interviews with BIGSOUND artists to be featured over the coming week.