Here’s everything we know about the television adaption of Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’

The television adaption of Eminem’s 8 Mile will “offer a lot more details” than the original film, according to producer 50 Cent.   

50 Cent has revealed that a television adaption of Eminem’s 8 Mile is in the works. The rapper will serve as the producer of the series, which he said has received Eminem’s blessing in a recent interview with Big Boy TV. I’m going to bring [Eminem’s] 8 Mile to television,” 50 Cent confirmed, before describing the series as an ode to the rapper’s “legacy.” 

It’s really the culture losing its colour, for everyone to feel like they enjoy it and appreciate [Black music],” 50 Cent added. “They see someone who’s accepted and respected, it makes them feel part of it too.” The rapper went on to compare the project to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot, and said the adaptation would further explore Eminem’s origins and backstory. 

Credit: Michael Caulfield Archive/WireImage

I want to show and offer a lot more details, things that you would say in an interview or different things that you put out there. You’ll see those things surface in the temperament of the characters,” 50 Cent said. “It’s going to be big. I ain’t got no duds.” Listen to 50 Cent’s full announcement of the 8 Mile television adaption below. 

The currently untitled project will arrive some two decades after the premiere of 8 Mile, which starred Eminem in the lead role of the loosely-autobiographical rap film. Alongside Eminem, the critical and commercial hit starred Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy and Anthony Mackie. 8 Mile’s accompanying soundtrack spawned Lose Yourself, which remains one of Eminem’s biggest tracks to date. 

It marks 50 Cent’s latest foray into rap-related projects for the silver screen. Last year, the musician revealed that he is producing a Snoop Dogg-inspired television show, on top of the rapper’s own in-development show Underdoggs. Elsewhere, 50 Cent will also make his debut in the superhero genre, as he iscurrently producing an independent film based on the DC character, Xero. 

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Meanwhile, Eminem himself was set to star in a self-produced film adaption of Grand Theft Auto, before the project was scrapped due to the independent success of the namesake video game. For a closer look at Eminem’s 8 Mile track, head to Happy Mag’s list of the most interesting facts about Lose Yourself here.