A bizarre feud has erupted between 50 Cent and this Aussie graffiti artist

American rapper 50 Cent has had a makeover in the latest piece created by Australian artist LushsuxKnown for his controversial street art, the artist has spent the last few weeks morphing Fiddy with Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, and more.

But 50 Cent isn’t flattered by the work, the murals sparking a feud between rapper and artist.


This isn’t the first time that Aussie graffiti artist Lushsux have butted heads with celebrities over his controversial – and no doubt hilarious – work.

Painted on an unidentified wall in Melbourne, the mural has been dubbed Swifty Cent, accompanied by a caption on the artist’s Instagram stating:

“Smash or pass? I might turn 50 week into 50 month and turn this war on 50 into some Iraq type quagmire.” 

Lushsux is renowned for taking the faces of celebrities and merging them together in controversial pieces, but 50 Cent seems to be copping it especially hard. After having his likeness painted on the heads of Post Malone and Donald Trump, 50 Cent is fed up with being the target of Lushlux’s work, arcing up at the Aussie artist.

“Man look at this shit, TF is wrong with this guy he won’t stop,” he captioned after reposting the image on Instagram, “Swifty cent, I’d like to hit this MF right in the back of his head while he doing this shit.” 

Lushlux wasn’t fazed by the threat, declaring a “50 week” where he has tagged an image of 50 Cent and posted it on Instagram almost every single day over seven days, responding:

“Ok so ima start wearing a motorcycle helmet while painting now.”

We aren’t sure where this weird feud will go from here, but we have to admit Lushsux’ creations are providing some amusement in self isolation times. Check out this quick video of the artist putting the final touches on Swifty Cent. 

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