A chat with Joyride before he starts his life as an antiques store clerk

Joyride has had one helluva year. With a long-awaited debut album out to the world he embarked on the massive Sunrise Chaser tour, closing the door on a massive creative era. Since then he’s been back on the decks, playing the kind of floor-melting DJ sets he became renowned for as part of Sydney’s One Day crew.

But before the year is through, Joyride has one more appointment. He’s playing a special Christmas Eve set at The Golden Sheaf in Sydney alongside Beast Mode. Maybe he’ll play Mariah Carey, maybe he won’t. I guess you’ll just have to head along to find out.

joyride interview

Before Joyride wraps up 2019 with a Christmas Eve DJ set at The Golden Sheaf, we caught up for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

JOYRIDE: Things are pretty good, thanks. I’m listening to nice music and taking it easy.

HAPPY: Planning anything for the holidays?

JOYRIDE: Plans are for people who don’t know how to think on their feet. Just kidding!

HAPPY: You seemed to have fully wound down from Sunrise Chaser now, looking back would you look at doing a long-player again?

JOYRIDE: I’m open to anything. Tbh I’m as likely to do another album as I am to leave it all behind, move to a small town, change my name to Simon and open an antiques store. Both hold appeal.

HAPPY: On Chrissy eve you’re playing The Sheaf, planning to be responsible for a few Christmas lunch hangovers?

JOYRIDE: I’ll take full responsibility for anything if the price is right.

HAPPY: Yes or no, All I Want For Christmas Is You?


HAPPY: You’ve been playing a few DJ sets since the album tour, has it been refreshing to put that hat on again?

JOYRIDE: I love DJing. The immediate, non-verbal connection is something I consider tres importante. I want to do it forever. Dancefloors have a primal energy. Moreso than gigfloors. Everyone just stares at you on gigfloors.

HAPPY: What have been some standout moments of 2019, on stage or otherwise?

JOYRIDE: The three standout moments for me this year were when I realised:

  • you decide how quickly you learn the lesson from a negative event
  • you decide the energy that you give something, and that energy is reciprocated
  • that everyone is doing their best.

Splendour with Matt Corby was also a fun moment.

HAPPY: And what’s on the cards for 2020?

JOYRIDE: Either more music, OR if you meet a guy named Simon that looks like me somewhere in rural NSW, don’t be a snitching dog.


Join Joyride and Beast Mode at The Golden Sheaf’s Christmas Eve Party, kicking off from 9pm. Don’t miss out – you may never see him, or Simon, again.

Tue 24 Dec – The Golden Sheaf, Sydney – Details