A New York street corner has been named after Wu-Tang Clan

Legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan has been honoured in their home neighbourhood in Staten Island this weekend.

The group have been awarded with their very own New York City street corner, named after them.

An unveiling ceremony on Saturday saw Wu-Tang Clan receive the prestigious honour. Originally hailing from the Park Hill section of Clifton in Staten Island, means that the city has had a strong influence on the group’s formation and the music they have created.

The corner of Vanderbilt Avenue and Targee Street has been renamed “Wu-Tang Clan District” in recognition of the hip-hop group’s contribution to their local community.

Councilwoman Debbie Rose spoke highly of the group and their contributions: “This is a great day where we have an opportunity to honour our own hometown heroes, the young men who put Staten Island on the map internationally. They overcame all types of challenges, to not only become rap artist and hip-hop artist but to inspire and challenge the music world.”

Although the group already hold such significant influence, it is fair to say that now, Wu-Tang Clan will live forever in New York City’s streets.

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Thank you for making us who we are. #wutang is forever!

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