A Trump supporter doxxed Cardi B and worked out why that was a bad idea

Cardi B has had a Trump supporter arrested for doxing her and encouraging others to ‘set her house on fire’.

Cardi B is not afraid to talk politics or get your ass arrested for doxxing her. This week, the WAP artist announced on her Instagram live that she had to have a Trump supporter arrested for revealing her home address.

Doxxing is a serious problem, especially for celebrities. It threatens not just one’s privacy, but their safety. We’ve all heard crazy stories about stalkers breaking into celebs’ homes, and often these perpetrators end up having terrifying, malicious intents.

Cardi B doxxed

Yesterday Cardi B just revealed that she was doxxed for her political outspokenness. Unafraid of sharing her opinions, she’s encouraged voters, interviewed democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, as well as making her distaste for Trump known. Unfortunately, people have felt the need to ‘punish’ her for her right to free speech.

On Instagram live, she explained “shit gets so intense that a Trump supporter posted my address and encouraged people to dox my home, to put my house on fire. I literally hired a private investigator, and served them with a warrant and arrested this boy. This boy was a fucking teenager. His parents were shook.”

In the same video, she addressed criticism from right-wing political commentator Candace Owens who called Cardi “illiterate”. Cardi’s response was gold, reminding Owens that “I have millions of followers. I pay millions in taxes. I have the number one song in this country, I have the number one song in the United Kingdom, I have the number one song in Australia, I have the number one song in New Zealand. Just like I can make millions of people pop their pussies… I can make millions of people go vote”.