Actor Rick Moranis sucker punched on morning stroll in unprovoked attack

Actor Rick Moranis has been  assaulted by an unprovoked stranger in broad daylight on morning walk  in Manhattan, with footage of the attack captured on camera.

Footage has emerged from New York Police Department’s Crime Stoppers Twitter showing a masked man punching 67-year-old actor Rick Moranis from ’80s classics Ghostbusters and Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

The man, decked out in an ‘I Love New York’ hoodie,  attacked the unsuspecting Moranis on a morning stroll in Manhattan, knocking him to the ground and fleeing. However, footage of the attack was caught by city surveillance cameras.

Moranis then went to hospital reporting pain in his head, back, and hip, and to the police station to report the incident. You can’t keep a good Ghostbuster down.

Badass Moranis (as I’ll refer to him from now on) is said to be recovering at home after the assault, and is doing well said detective Kaz Daughtry.

Moranis is officially returning to acting this year after being on hiatus since 1996 for the sequel to his iconic film Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Earlier this year, Moranis appeared in his first commercial with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who tweeted about the incident.

Captain America actor Chris Evans was the second superhero to come to the aid of Moranis on Twitter.


The hunt is on for the attacker, with NYPD appealing for information on the assault. There is a $2500 reward for anonymous tip offs helping to find the person responsible here, or via their DMs on Twittter.

Moranis has now made his first public statement since the attack, declaring he is a-ok to the glee of all.

“He is fine but grateful for everyone’s thoughts and well wishes,” his rep told The Hollywood Reporter.