A new study says adults are having less sex than ever

A new study says adults are having less sex than ever

Research from the General Social Survey shows American adults have been having less sex for the last 30 years.

According to the 2021 General Social Survey, 26% of American adults didn’t have sex in the last year. Like, at all!!!

If you’re like us you’re thinking, ‘Okay well, it’s been a pandemic, that’s hardly anyone’s fault… Good on them for staying safe!’ BUT apparently, it’s actually part of a long-term trend.

Credit: Malvestida Magazine

In 2018 23% of American adults didn’t do the deed and in 2016 it was the same figure.

Last year’s survey was the first time that the percentage of adults who had sex once a month or less topped 50%.

There’s a bit of speculation around what is causing this, and the study seems to suggest it’s because there are fewer partnerships and more singles living alone.

With that said, we did recently read something about young people having less sex but that it was better quality so maybe that’s what’s going on.

It would be interesting to know how many of the participants have actually begun fulfilling sexual relationships with themselves over this time as self-love becomes less stigmatised and more weaponised (we’re talking about toys, not actual weapons.)