PREMIERE: Ahc demands attention with new single Freeze

Annahelen Croce, AKA Ahc, is an independent artist and producer from Louisville, Kentucky.

Freeze marks an astounding 53rd release since Ahc began her journey in 2020, but it holds its own like a number one. Historically presenting a house/hyper-pop sound, Ahc is branching out, while keeping a tight hold of her roots in Freeze.

A track of exploration, Freeze dabbles in hip hop, rap and a hint of modern jazz fusion, Ahc taking influence from the Grand Theft Auto theme music. 


As the hallmark of a new era, Freeze is brazen and heedless, relentless in its speed and movement.

Flirting with more poppier production, Ahc uses her newfound sonic freedom to her advantage.

Within the track is the veritably experienced sound of a musician and producer who has solidified their passions and their ability, reconciling each to become the biggest and brightest version of themselves.

It is easy to place your trust in Ahc, to let go and adopt a different personality for a few minutes, one that just wants to dance at the party, and feels entirely different to everybody else. 

Conjuring memories of 90s hip-hop royalty such as Lil Kim and Lauryn Hill, Ahc carries with her the same attitude that made these women great.

A vulnerability interwoven with unshakable arrogance. An enticing combination that most unknowingly strive for.

There is a pace to Freeze that is antithetical to its title, a quickening of a heart rate that feels almost a little too fast, yet all the while exhilarating.

As a self-produced single, Freeze is an example of not only Ahc’s personality, but her quieter ability to build and execute a flawless track. 

With such a staggering number of releases in such a short period, Ahc is clearly tapped into something divine.

Quality that only increases and a sense of adventure that becomes addictive throughout Freeze mark the site of a true artist.

Ahc is pure and authentic, as well as able to go toe to toe with both genre, and the artists that we assign as their makers. 

Listen to Freeze below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris