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All sport is cancelled, so this commentator has started calling life

Rugby commentator Nick Heath has gotten creative in the absence of live sport due to the coronavirus epidemic. On a regular day, Nick is a rugby commentator, journalist and podcast producer but, like many, is no longer working due to the provisions set in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Now he’s found a new way to exercise his commentating skills, and along the way is managing to bring a smile to the face of people around the world.

Sport or no sport, #LifeCommentary is guaranteed to brighten up your day in isolation.

Commenting on totally mundane things, Heath manages to bring humour to the internet by giving a play-by-play of totally ordinary things. Heath has taken to filming these everyday events and giving us a hilarious rendition using his professional skill – from mothers pushing prams to people crossing the street, he’s got it covered.

Using the hashtags #LifeCommentary #LiveCommentary, Heath has posted his series of videos on twitter and people are truly appreciating his comedic spin on life in a time where we have all been blown away by the repercussions of the pandemic.

You can good a good dose of #LifeCommentary below:


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March 26, 2020