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Ambient wizardry: Valhalla’s free new Supermassive plugin

Well here’s something I just had to download immediately myself. Because hey, free music making software is cool.

Valhalla has recently released a free new plug-in ValhallaSupermassive full of amazing ambient reverb and delay sounds.


Valhalla has just released ValhallaSupermassive, a delay and reverb plugin, for free. It provides beautiful dense, experimental and unconventional sounds.

ValhallaSupermassive designer and reverb wizard Sean Costello writes that the plugin is designed to show off the experimental and inspiring effects that were too unconventional for Valhalla’s other reverb and delay plug-ins.

ValhallaSupermassive itself is a delay plug-in based around what they describe as “feedback delay networks“. Individual delays are mixed together, and come with fairly standard controls like time, feedback and modulation. Other less typical controls include width, warp and feedback density.

As Sean writes on a Valhalla blog post, “Many of the Valhalla reverbs have a fixed, “natural” echo density that builds with time. ValhallaSupermassive features the DENSITY control, which allows for very sparse decaying echoes, as well as “pointillistic” reverbs that get less dense as they decay away. These are the sorts of artifacts I have avoided in the past, but ValhallaSupermassive embraces these artifacts as weird and wonderful. Want a smooth reverb? Just turn up DENSITY.”

The shaping features ValhallaSupermassive gives you makes the plugin much more than just a delay. You can create chorus or flanger sounds, huge ambient reverbs or dynamic, spatial echo effects.

To get you started, it also comes with eight modes based on celestial objects—since the ValhallaSupermassive doesn’t try to emulate normal spaces. These include:

  • Gemini: Fast attack, shorter decay, high echo density.
  • Hydra: Fast-ish attack, shorter decay, low to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)
  • Centaurus: Medium attack, longer decay, medium to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)
  • Sagittarius: Slow attack, longer decay, high echo density
  • Great Annihilator: Medium attack, very long decay, medium to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)
  • Andromeda: Slowest attack, very long decay, very high echo density
  • Lyra: Fast attack, shorter decay, low echo density
  • Capricorn: Fast attack, shorter decay, medium echo density

More info and the free download can be found on Valhalla’s website. Sean has also posted a bunch of demos of the plugin, which we’ve left below for you: