An Aussie vinyl plant is pressing the first copies of King Gizzard’s Polygondwanaland!

Almost exactly one month ago, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard sent us into shock by dropping their latest album Polygondwanaland for free.

A free album is one thing, but the psych-rockers went above and beyond by providing literally everything (zipped MP3s, WAVs, album art, the lot) to their fans. They wanted the world to download Polygondwanaland, to burn it to CDs, to record it to tape, and especially press it to vinyl.

Zenith Records, Australia’s only dedicated vinyl facility, are the first to jump on board.

zenith records vinyl pressing plant australia king gizzard and the lizard wizard polygondwanalandz
Photo: Zenith Records

Been itching to snatch up Polygondwanaland on vinyl? Thanks to the Aussie legends behind Zenith Records, it may not be far away.

Just an hour ago, Zenith shared the below shot of a single Polygondwanaland LP. Gotta say, that is some sweet wax.

First #polygondwanaland #splatter off the press for #saltydog #kinggizzardandthelizardwizard

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This follows on from last month’s post, a video showing Zenith undertaking the world first cut of the album. Hats off to these guys for getting Polygondwanaland off the press so damn fast. Vinyl plants are busier than Wall Street in this day and age.

Zenith Records are the plant we have to thank for our Needle in the Hay vinyl competition. Check out the full list of winners here, and look out for Needle in the Hay’s return very, very soon…