Ever love a beer so goddamn much you sang about it? Meet Pete Cullen and his new tune Young Henrys

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we love a brew… pretty much whenever we can get our mitts on one.

Yet drink as we might, our love for a cold one never transcended into the realms of songwriting. Unlike old mate Pete Cullen that is, who has today released a ripper of a tune with his group The Biffs. Get your ears around Young Henrys right now.

pete cullen PC & The Biffs Young Henrys

How much do you love your beer? Knock back a cold one with Young Henrys, the hoppy new hit from P.C. & The Biffs.

Straight from the get go, this one’s a throwdown. Big horns and bigger claims shoot through the mix like liquid through a tap, while slinky guitar lines provide a tasty undercurrent throughout.

Speaking of the tune, Cullen shared, “I think I was at Lefty’s one night and drinking Young Henrys… I went home and I had this song in my head.”

“We’re a beer-drinking band so… I think it works well for both parties.”

Young Henrys were quick to pay it forward, shooting the song over to The Pool Collective and Sun Studios under the direction of Juliet Taylor for one blinder of a clip. Suss it out above.

“We try to do whatever we can to help hardworking artists continue making great art,” said YH co-founder Oscar McMahon. “We reckon being part of a community of creative people is rewarding in itself, so when the love is returned somehow it’s an unexpected bonus.”

“Having a song written for us is more like winning some bloody karmic lottery! Pete’s a good mate and an awesome musician so it just seemed right to continue sharing the creative juju with a playful music video to go with the song.”