Analogue Pocket: the portable gaming console with a built-in sequencer

Analogue Pocket is the Game Boy-style console which is compatible with the massive back catalogue of Game Boy titles. With the help of various adapters, you can tap into the SEGA Game Gear and Atari Lynx repertoire as well.

For musicians though, another headline inclusion will be of particular interest. Nanoloop, the sequencer that’s well known among chiptune circles will ship with the Analogue Pocket. The only catch, you’ll have to wait until the middle of next year to get your hands on one.Analogue Pocket Nanoloop

Analogue Pocket is a new but decidedly retro hand-held gaming console. In great news for music makers, it’ll ship with a built-in sequencer, Nanoloop.

Analogue is no stranger to bringing retro consoles back to life. They’ve recently put out the Mega Sg — a tribute to the SEGA Mega Drive and the Super Nt — a celebration of the SNES. The Mega Sg also had a musical bent, with Venezuelan electronic artist Arca contributing the boot-up music.

Nanoloop has long been a favourite of chiptune aficionados. And while it is a delight to explore the FM sound chip of the Game Boy, the original interface wasn’t exactly made for music creation.

With the Analogue Pocket, however, connectivity is ample. You can connect to a DAW via USB, plus you can sync via MIDI, or analog sync, to other hardware. You can even connect to Pockets together for the ultimate 8-bit jamming experience.

As mentioned earlier, there’s still quite a wait — pre-order is commencing next week, with shipping in May next year. Visit Analogue for all the details.