Apple is getting roasted because its new AirPods Max case looks like a bra

Apple has just unveiled its new AirPods Max – and the accompanying smart case is drawing comparisons to women’s brassieres.

Apple has never been shy of innovation, despite the unforgiving nature of the tech market’s attitudes towards brand-exclusive chargers, USB-C, and not allowing villains to use iPhones in movies. The list goes on.

However, the internet is cracking down hard on the tech giant today, after the company unveiled its new over-ear headphones, which are going to cost you a hefty $899 AUD. If the price tag wasn’t ridiculous enough, the carry case they come with sure as hell is.

Apple AirPods Max
Photo credit: Miguel Thomàs

Twitter has, of course, melted down after responses from commentators on Apple’s choice of carrying case (that appears to look as if it were a women’s bra) have gone viral. You may not be able to afford to motorboat your new AirPods Maxes, but you sure can afford to watch the internet do its thing.

Apple’s new AirPods Max come with a soft, slim Smart Case that puts the headphones in an “ultra-low power state that helps to preserve battery charge when not in use”. This smart case is also giving everyone ideas for external uses.

Despite all this, the product is, of course, already sold out and Apple has said they won’t be reaching customers until roughly March 2021. AirPods Max are said to be revolutionary in sound fidelity, utilising two H1 chips, which power computational audio. Audio expert Chicco Hiranandani explained the hype around the headphones in a tweet posted by Jonathan Morrison:

Whether the new Apple headphones are truly revolutionary or just an expensive gimmick, we’ll have to wait until 2021 to find out. But if there’s one track to test the audio quality, for me it’s going to be Julia Jacklin‘s baby jesus is nobody’s baby now.