Are drones the future of policing sexual assault at festivals?

The owner of a large Australian security company has suggested that drones technology may the way forward for stopping sexual assaults at music festivals.

sexual assault at festivals

An Australian security company has suggested that using drone footage may be an effective way to police sexual assaults at festivals.

Speaking with The Examiner, Greg (not his real name), says that drones could be employed to give a birds-eye view of mosh pits in order to scan for sexual assaults and other criminal activities happening in crowds.

In the interview, Greg said that before each event he briefs his staff about sexual assault and how to deal with certain situations.

“For anyone who felt uncomfortable in the mosh pit, Greg suggested they raise their hand to request assistance,” the Examiner wrote. “He said once he or one of his employees saw someone’s raised hand, they would immediately deploy a security guard to assist the distressed individual.”

He also said that plain clothes security officers are sent into crowds at festivals to keep an eye out for assaults, but Greg thinks both of these duties could be assisted by drones in the same way venues utilise security camera footage.

However, it is still unclear how security staff would realistically respond to situations, or how many drones would be used. Nonetheless, it’s a positive step forward for ensuring everyone feels safe at music festivals.