Stranger Things dropped their season 2 trailer and the monster sure has been eating his Weetbix

Over the last year the world went crazy for Stranger Things, Netflix’s nostalgic 1980s horror flick that has undoubtedly become one of their flagship shows alongside House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black.

Which is why we were hanging out so hard for any news about season two. Aside from rumours, conjecture and fan theories, there has been little concrete info dropped since the first season ran.

But yesterday during the Superbowl Netflix broke the silence, screening a 30 second teaser – our first official look at the upcoming season.

stranger things season 2

Grab your Eggos and monster hunting gear because our first look at Stranger Things season 2 is here, complete with Ghostbusters uniforms and one gigantic new monster.

Looks like all the goodness which made season one so addictive will be back, from the kids’ shenanigans with Eleven at their side to a bangin’ synth soundtrack by Austin’s S U R V I V E.

The trailer doesn’t give too much away though, which is always welcome. The kids are seen riding through town in Ghostbusters uniforms, we see a towering monster the size of a power plant and very little of anything else.

But damn, if that doesn’t get us mighty excited.