Art heist! Perpetrators behind iconic Banksy mural theft arrested

Earlier this month authorities announced that they had found the stolen Banksy Bataclan mural stashed in the attic of an Italian farmhouse. The mural had been cut out and removed from one of the emergency exit doors from Paris’ Bataclan Theatre in 2019, and until now, the perpetrators remained unknown.

But Alas! Not only has the artwork been found in its original condition, but the six perpetrators of the art heist have been arrested and placed into custody.


Another art heist mystery solved: the stolen Banksy Bataclan mural has been found, with six perpetrators placed into custody and awaiting trial.

The mural, which depicts a girl in mourning, holds great significance to the people of Paris, as it serves as a tribute to the terrorist attack which occurred at the Bataclan in November 2015, where 90 people were killed. 

“Banksy’s work, a symbol of contemplation and belonging to all – locals, Parisians, citizens of the world – has been taken from us,” the Bataclan wrote on Twitter afterwards. “The very essence of urban street art is to give life to a work of art in a particular environment, and we were persuaded that this work only made sense in this place.”

According to The Guardian, two people are being investigated for organised theft, with the remaining four accused of concealing the theft. All are currently awaiting trial. The prosecutor, who did not disclose details regarding the theft, said further information will be released on Thursday.