Artist on Artist with girli & JUNO: If I could be anyone else “I’d be a man and experience the safety and freedom of that for a day”

JUNO chats with the one and only girli, straight off her latest release, ‘Crush Me Up,’ as they gear up for an epic tour Down Under

This UK-based alt-pop firecracker is all about celebrating the crazy rollercoaster of new love and waving those LGBTQ+ colours high and proud.

With her album ‘Matriarchy’ dropping May 17, 2024, ‘Crush Me Up’ is just the teaser of what’s to come – a catchy, feel-good anthem that’ll be stuck in your head for days.

Girli single 'Be With Me'

And guess what? Perth just got added to the tour, so mark those calendars!

In a quick chat with Brisbane duo JUNO, comprising Kahlia Ferguson and Sam Woods, girli spills on her Aussie connections, her musical heroes (Kate Bush, anyone?), and her obsession with acai bowls and matcha lattes (seriously, she’s rating them on TikTok!).

Get ready, ’cause girli’s about to take the world by storm, one electrifying performance at a time.

girli Matriarchy tour support JUNO interviews the UK artist ahead of their time together on the road.

JUNO:  Is this your first time visiting or touring Australia? If so, what are you most excited for?

girli: My dad is actually Australian, so I’ve been lots of times and have a big family over there! I have 2 grandparents, 4 aunties and uncles and 9 cousins in Sydney, and 3 more cousins in Perth, Melbourne and Canberra.

I love Australia so much and have so many childhood memories there. I’ve also travelled around the country myself and have surfed in different places on the East Coast.

I’m most excited to meet all the Aussie pinkies, and for my Aussie family to see me perform for the first time. They’ve never seen a girli show!

JUNO:  What song did you stream last on Spotify?

girli: ‘Buzz Me In’ by Remi Wolf.

JUNO: What is your earliest memory of wanting to become a musician?

girli: I didn’t want to be a musician until I was a teenager. I wanted to be loads of other things before that, including an actor, a politician and a vet. I first realised I wanted to be a musician at age 14 at a Tegan and Sara concert. I was so inspired by their authentic story telling and connection to their fans.

JUNO: If you could collaborate with any songwriter, musician or producer who would it be and why?

girli: Probably Kate Bush or Joni Mitchell. They’re icons and incredible songwriters and producers.

JUNO: What is your go-to tour snack?

girli: Acai bowls and matcha lattes. I CANNOT get enough of them. Whatever city I’m in, I seek them out. I recently started a TikTok series called ‘The Matcha-rchy Tour’ rating matcha lattes in each city on the Matriarchy Tour; that’s how obsessed I am.

JUNO:  If you could be anyone else other than yourself for a day who would it be?

girli: I’d be a man and experience the safety and freedom of that for a day.

JUNO: What was the first piece of music you bought, and what was the medium?

girli: I bought AM by Arctic Monkeys on vinyl.

JUNO: Where do you see yourself in 20 years time?

girli: Still travelling the world. Eventually, I want to settle somewhere beautiful and start an animal rescue farm.

Full tour info here.