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Audio-Technica join the ranks of wireless earbud headphones and these are winners

Audio-Technica has released the ATH-CKS50TW. An excellent set of wireless headphones in the earbud-style that does not break the bank.

Are you dizzy not knowing which Bluetooth headphones you should buy? Did you just lose your 10th audio to lightning connector cable? Audio-Technica have you covered with their wireless headphones, ATH-CKS50TW.

I know the name has a lot of letters, but the list of functions of the ATH-CKS50TW are even longer. We took these for a spin on some of our favourite tracks, read on to hear about the features and the experience.

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The ATH-CKS50TW wireless headphones have it all. 50 hours battery life, fast charging, noise cancelling mode, hear-through function, microphone with controls, excellent bass drivers and many more functions I could bore you with, but just know it’s the good things you want in the in-ear department.

Upon pairing and inserting these comfortable buds in my ears I was pleasantly surprised by the one thing they keep talking about, the low end. It’s really warm and solid. In fact, I could blissfully drown out the noisy office trying to get their work done on a Friday and enjoy listening to one of our Live from Happy videos we recorded and mixed here at the Happy Studios.

The performance I chose to listen to on the ATH-CKS50TWs was Blain Cunneen – Feelin’ Kinda Fragile as they bought in a bass guitar and a Rhodes keyboard — both instruments that have low end. I was really impressed at first with the clarity and the snug fit of the wireless headphones. I found myself with plenty of headroom, meaning I had to turn the headphones down.

While listening, I inspected the case, trialled putting it in my jacket pocket, pants pocket and just had a think on it’s size and feel. Its a fair size considering, but I do wonder if the case could be smaller. The case charges the headphones when they are sitting inside it of course.

Thinking more about long term use, I looked up the battery life online and found that they beat a lot of other brands hands down… or handsfree I should say. Maybe the case is a little bigger due to the extra charging component inside?

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Speaking of extra, the ATH-CKS50TW connect to multiple devices at once! I didn’t try it, but I am constantly running around disconnecting devices and connecting devices and finding crossed wires in Bluetooth connections… and can you tell this annoys me? So, thank you Audio-Technica, that’s a neat addition.

They units come in at $249 AUD. For more on the ATH-CKS50TW head over to Audio-Technica’s website.