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Soundboks: a speaker that lets you take the party wherever you want

Soundboks puts a welcome twist on a well-established formula. It’s a big, loud, and fun speaker with a host of modern, user-friendly features.

P.A. systems are a serious business. The first thing that often comes to mind is a heavy-duty rig that’s shipped around by roadies to blast out music from the stage or in the club. Soundboks has taken this idea and tweaked the formula to make it a much more lifestyle-friendly proposition.

The look and sound are legit. But with cleverly incorporated modern conveniences, like wireless connectivity and long-life battery-powered operation, a whole world of off-the-grid sonic fun can be tapped into.


First impressions

It’s clear that the Soundboks team has worked carefully to hone an Instagrammable aesthetic for this new speaker, as it strikes just the right balance of clean lines and retro, rugged charm. A sleek, futuristic design that is often favoured by domestic Bluetooth speakers it is not. Instead, you’re presented with a big, black box, with an industrially-inspired metal grill that’s designed to bring memories of that music festival, or that special night at the club, to the fore.

Another big takeaway at first glance is the sense of adventure the Soundboks conveys. It’s built to be tossed into the back of the car, slung over the shoulder, and dumped on the beach to blast some tunes. And speaking of slinging over the shoulder, the Soundboks — despite its size — is mercifully light. You won’t want to carry it all day, but it can be lugged around quite easily.

Sound and functionality

Back in the days when passive speakers were the norm, not only did you have to transport the speakers themselves, but also racks of powerful amplifiers (which really were backbreaking). Combine that with the wherewithal required to hook everything up, and you’ve got yourself a bit of a headache. Soundboks does away with all that hassle.

Bluetooth and SKAA (an advanced wireless connectivity protocol) are at the ready for wireless playback. Also, the Soundboks is a powered speaker (no external amplification required). Plus, it’s battery-powered (an insane 40 hours of medium volume playback can be achieved, 5 hours if you crank it up to the maximum dB SPL of 126 dB). And the final word on its wireless credentials? It can be paired with other Soundboks speakers (up to five in an array).

That said, if you need to hook up cables to playback (a DJ mixer, for example), there are 2 XLR combi-jack inputs, and a 3.5 mm stereo input and output.


Featuring two 10-inch drivers and a 1-inch tweeter — each powered by independent built-in Class D amplifiers — it can get very loud. But more importantly, this configuration — coupled with the innovative reflex port — provides a very balanced tonal reponse.

Soundboks specifies that the lower frequency limit is 40 Hz — which is deep into sub territory — but you won’t be able to climb down into the bone-crushing sub territory below that point. However, if you need a sound that will throw a long-distance while maintaining clarity, Soundboks does a stellar job.

With this degree of functionality and power, you should expect to see a Soundboks speaker at your next beach party, bonfire, or anywhere where good times are had.

Visit Soundboks for all the details.