Aussie celebs call out Scott Morrison in new video

A bunch of Aussie celebs have jumped in on the #DearScotty hashtag with a new video politely telling Scott Morrison to start shifting his focus onto climate change.

It’s almost too polite if you ask me. The video features Aussie stars like Fitzy, Julia Stone, Simone Baker and more. The celebs are also seen alongside Australians affected by the recent bushfires. They urge Prime Minister Scott Morrison to switch to renewable energy sources instead of carbon pollution and transmission.

via: Paul Braven

A bunch od Aussie celebrities are urging Prime Minister Scott Morrison to start making climate change a priority.

The messages in the video are personally directed towards Morrison and they’re urging him to take action.

“It is no longer okay to do the bare minimum.”

“You’re a family man, what kind of world do you want your daughters to grow up in?”

“Australian communities are being devastated by unprecedented fires, extreme droughts and flash flooding. All made worse by climate change.”

Australia has been hit with a mass of natural disasters in the past months. The bushfires took over 17 million hectares of land, plus over 1 billion wildlife. 33 lives were claimed as well as thousands of properties. The rain has only just begun to provide relief after the devastation. In some areas, high-risk storms and flash floodings are also present.

The video makes the message clear; the bare minimum won’t cut it anymore.

You can also contribute to the #DearScotty campaign here.