Baba Jenkins offer inside look at the philanthropic work that inspires their artistry

Baba Jenkins do more than just great music. In an exclusive inside look for Happy Mag, the band explore the charitable efforts that underpin their artistry.  

We’ve already had a taste of the steller artistry of Baba Jenkins following the release of their latest single LA Party.

While that track — with its contagiously energetic vibe and undeniable groove — is a testament to the band’s mastery of alternative funk, it also speaks to the ability for music to go well beyond just a simple tune. 

Baba Jenkins 'LA Party'

Using their talents and platform as a force for good, Baba Jenkins are committed to combining music with philanthropy, having partnered with the non-profit organisation Sharing Love With Others.

The charity aims to alleviate the plight of homelessness in Skid Row, Los Angeles, and enlisted Baba Jenkins’ support in February 2021. 

Since then, the band has committed to donating a portion of their ticket and merch sales to Sharing Love With Others, raising some $3,000 and helping over 400 individuals in their hometown.

Below, Baba Jenkins stop by Happy Mag to shed light on their charitable efforts, how they became involved in the cause, and their plans to take it global. 

baba jenkins

What is it that inspires. What is it that motivates. What is that makes us who we are. 

The answer we come back to each time is helping others. Of course, in order to help others you have to help yourself first, and for Baba Jenkins writing and performing the music we write is just that.

 Two months after the band formed in February of 2021, we started partnering with a non-profit organization on Skid Row in our hometown of Los Angeles called Sharing Love With Others.

Baba Jenkins 'LA Party'

We were inspired by a story that Rone our singer told us. It was about someone he knew who had a falling out with his father and ended up homeless on Skid Row.

Eventually he was found and rescued and was welcomed back by his father and is now living happily with a family of his own. The flipside though is for thousands of others that may never be the case.

The organization is run by a wonderful woman by the name of Maxine Sealey and her a group of amazing volunteers feed 400-500 people in need on Skid Row every Saturday from noon until 5pm. They also provide clothing, medical supplies and every day amenities.

The band was so inspired that we wrote a song about it on our debut album called “Slow Motion” and made a documentary video of the band working with Sharing Love With Others, which is out on YouTube.

To date we have donated $3000 to feed those in need. It’s our proudest achievement and our mission is to tour the world and garner enough success so we can do this on a global scale.

There is nothing better for Baba Jenkins than sharing our music and sharing love with others.