REVIEW: Babitha shares debut album 'Birghter Side of Blue

REVIEW: Babitha shares intoxicating debut album, ‘Brighter Side of Blue’

Babitha dips into new sonic and lyrical territories on kaleidoscopic debut album Brighter Side of Blue. 

Babitha has today (January 20) released her debut album Brighter Side of Blue. Across 12 genre-flitting tracks, Babitha deals in a raft of emotions previously unrevealed, without losing sight of the country-tinged origins evident on album highlights Only Fair and Night and Day. While that lead single may recall the Sydney singer-songwriter’s last project — 2021’s Through the Light EP — Babitha confidently heads to new sonic and lyrical territories on Brighter Side of Blue. 

I experimented with both traditional and non-linear narratives across multiple genres, tapping into folk, country, psych-rock, new wave and pop”, Babitha explains. “[There’s] a chaotic blend of internal and external forces at play – a potent mix of anger, grief, cynicism, hope and gratitude, all of which have been captured in the record.” 

It’s a feat Babitha more than achieves on Brighter Side of Blue, which features musical assists from guitarist Alexi Grivas, drummer Cecil Colemanm and bassist  Russell Fitzgibbon. Together they create what is Babitha’s most experimental palette to date, with more than a few tracks combining folksy, surf-bound guitar riffs with surprising percussive sequences — all bound by singer’s trademark silky vocals.

For Babitha, the kaleidoscopic range of Brighter Side of Blue is both a reflection of the strength of her craft, and a mirror to the album’s songwriting context. “Brighter Side Of Blue was borne out of a turbulent, yet highly transformative period of my life”, she recalls. “I took that time to venture into new sonic territories and play with songwriting as a form”. 

Brighter Side of Blue follows a particularly busy year for Babitha, who appeared at events from Big Sound to Yours and Owls. Elsewhere, she served as the support act for the likes of Julia Jacklin and fellow Needle In The Hay entrant Maple Glider. Tomorrow (January 21), Babitha will take to the stage at Melbourne’s Fed Live concert, joining fellow performers Vera Blue and King Stingray

Listen to Babitha’s debut album Brighter Side of Blue above.