A musician in Tamworth is attempting the world’s longest busking session

Wollongong musician Scotty Burford is in Tamworth to attempt to break the world record for the longest busking session.

If you’re in Tamworth for their annual Country Music Festival, then you should definitely check out Scotty Burford. He may not be on the main bill, but he is definitely someone you should put on your seen list whilst you are up there, as he’s doing something pretty epic.

Scotty Burford
Credit: Facebook Scotty Burdord

Scotty has taken up the challenge to beat the world record for the longest busking session. He is planning on beating the current record which is 26 hours by 30 minutes. Now, you may be thinking that this task seems a bit exhausting, but Scotty is no stranger to world records, as he was the one who set the world record for the longest guitar-playing session in 2018, where he played for 125 hours; but that isn’t all he also attempted another world record last year in giving a 25-hour guitar lesson.

He began his busking session at 9am yesterday morning and is due to finish his set at 11:30am today. Having played at the festival previously, Scotty will not be attempting this on his own, as he will be having his friends dropping in to play with him after their gigs.

The festival organisers have also been on board for Scotty’s mission, and have positioned him near Peel Street’s main stage and next to a pub, which will help in drawing a crowd.

Scotty Burford
Credit: Facebook Scotty Burford

The busking challenge will be raising money for Sydney’s Ronald McDonald House, where he often plays for the families using the service. As well as raising money for Movember.

Despite the scorching heat of 37 degrees, Scotty is physically and mentally prepared for the challenge ahead of him, stating “I’m thinking I’ll be ok because I don’t have to play guitar the whole time, I just have to be busking. I’ve worked out a very long song list for myself so I can keep track of everything without having to think too much. But one of my mates will jump up and play a song and I’ll sing and play tambourine with him.”

So make sure to take some time out of your day to cheer him on and even be part of history in the making.