Tanya Goltz unveils fiery new single 'Steal My Soul' off of her debut EP

Tanya Goltz unveils fiery new single ‘Steal My Soul’ off of her debut EP

Tanya Goltz is a force to be reckoned with as she calls out the nay-sayers in her latest single Steal My Soul.

Leaving her small country hometown at 15, Tanya Goltz was longing to explore the world with the undeniable feeling of wanderlust. Now armed with insights from her life journey thus far, she has become unapologetically herself, with her journey of self-discovery becoming tangible in the form of her upcoming EP, Pieces Of Me.

Tanya Goltz
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Before the EP drops, however, Tanya has given us a glimpse of what is to come with the release of the second single from it, Steal My Soul.

Steal My Soul is a track that shows Tanya confronting the nay-sayers head-on. With a gritty rock foundation, comprising of moody melodic guitar strings being plucked, and her rich vocals soaring above the instrumentation. Her lyrics provide us with an anthem of empowerment, as her sharp words send shivers running up and down your spine from the pure fiery passion in her voice.

Tanya Goltz
Credit: Press

Steal My Soul is a tribute to anyone who has experienced adversity in their lives, whether it has come in the form of discrimination, disregard, personal choices, identity or values. When talking about her inspiration for the track, Tanya stated: “I’m not someone who fits in with the crowd and this EP is a clear reflection of that. I was consistently told that I would need to change how I look, how I sing, act and write. And while that held me back for a long time, I have come to realise that being me is the truest and only way forward”

You can now stream Steal My Soul via Spotify below.