Bare Beets’ detail their electrifying self-titled EP, track by track

Bare Beets are a collective of science: experimenting and observing their own sound as it bubbles and bursts into higher places. The five piece unpack their debut EP.

Brisbane five-piece Bare Beets, are not about leaving the beats bare. Decorating their sound with sizzling, dynamic arrangements, the leave no stone unturned. On their debut EP the trope experiment with an electronic pop-rock sound, inclusive of a full range of instruments, treated tones and synthy soundscapes.

A band rooted in family tradition, yet expansive in their tenures, Bare Beets are redefining the genre-less. Delving deeper into each of the five tracks on their debut EP, they lay bare some truths in their own words.

Bare Beets
Photo: Kayla on lead vocals


NBD, or Noise, Bass, Drums was written by Nat (drums) and Paige (keys/synth) and looked into their drunken nights out in the valley strip that would consume their weekly pay cheques. This track was a fun writing process where the band could explore a heavier sound, reflecting the boomy bass you hear passing the clubs of the town. Contrasting is the soft and uplifting chorus, as if you were floating in a cloud. It is silly, funky and has the perfect combination of electronic and rock that will easily get your head bobbing.

The Night

The Night was the first song to be created and produced by the band and went through many changes before forming into the groovy pop rock tune it is today. Kayla (vocals) wrote the lyrics to this song after a recent break up and embracing the new single life hitting the town, meeting new people and rediscovering oneself. The driving arpeggiated synth started as the root of the whole track, with everything else building off its unique and funky sounds.


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Nothing is a track that musically has a more laid-back feel in comparison to their other songs. Written by Nat (drums), he says he always wanted a song that incorporated a drumbeat mimicking the sound of a heart. With that in mind the lyrics naturally flowed into a song about many fears that we are faced with in life. From clowns, to spiders, to paranormal entities, our mind can emphasise on these fears. The song showcases the bands musicality with full backing vocals and a dramatic build in the bridge. The contrast of the bouncing chords between the guitar and piano accentuates the dark and eeriness that is Nothing.

Photo: Nat on drums

Mr. Badtimes

Mr. Badtimes was the next single the band released and continued along the pop/rock genre. This was a collaborative project with the band and Mark’s (bass) sister Denise who wrote the lyrics for this song. While the lyrics are based around a toxic relationship, the song can be put in various contexts about changes in your life and moving forward and stronger from the Badtimes – whatever that may be for the listener. It takes you on a journey through it with the driving double-times and the emotive build in the break-down.


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Give It Up

Give It Up is a classic rock track that originated in the late eighties and was written by Mark and his siblings when playing together as a trio. Hearing the track decades later, the band loved it and were inspired to recreate and bring it to life. Keys were added to bring a new depth to the sound and Jacob (guitar) added his own personal flavour to the part, seen especially in those thrilling and complex leads.

The full EP Bare Beets is live on all the usual platforms here.

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