Behold this Frankenstein Gibson Les Paul with a MIDI controller inside it
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Behold this Frankenstein Gibson Les Paul with a MIDI controller inside it

In the wild and weird world of YouTube, Look Mum No Computer is one of the most reliable producers of quality content for fans of vintage gear and insane modifications. We’ve previously taken a look at his intricate Sega MegaDrive synthesizer, but now he’s given us a look at an earlier modification of his – a Gibson Les Paul outfitted with a MIDI controller.

Originally built about ten years ago, the guitar was the result of Look Mum No Computer’s desire to play both keyboard and guitar on the same gig. Instead of carting around two instruments, he decided to install a MIDI controller into his Les Paul.Gibson Les Paul

Look Mum No Computer’s at it again, showing off a homemade guitar synthesizer cooked up with a Gibson Les Paul and a MIDI controller.

Acknowledging the move might be considered controversial, Look Mum No Computer reasoned that if you’re going to modify a guitar, it may as well be a decent one. The result is a completely homemade guitar synthesizer that looks and feels just like a Les Paul, which is certainly unique.

The guitar was one of Look Mum No Computer’s first modification projects, so while a lot of the work appears rudimentary, and the guitar isn’t in the best physical condition, it’s still operational, and creates a pretty damn impressive sound.

To see and hear the guitar in action, check out the video below, and head to Look Mum No Computer to get a closer look at the body work.