Beckah Amani has unleashed a glistening soul-pop gem on ‘Mess You Up’

There’s no denying that Beckah Amani’s voice carries a generation. The pop-soul singer/songwriter spins melody into a mirror, reflecting our agonies back to us with an outstanding clarity. Her words inspire and her sound is truly addictive. 

Her latest single Mess You Up certainly doesn’t disappoint: melting the best parts of soul, pop, RnB, and alternative folk into a deep, sweltering classic. Layered synth and pulsing beats armour the track against the vulnerability she slowly unravels through her lyrics. She is certainly one to watch out for. 

Beckah Amani casts asides the dark complexities of love and delivers audiences to a remarkable clarity in her latest single Mess You Up. 

Harking from the Gold Coast, Amani has spent the last two years crafting deeply rich gems of soul-pop. Where her contemporaries would opt to contain meaning within the walls of genre, the singer purposefully breaks down every wall surrounding her. Style is more of a playground for symbolism, allowing her to explore every possible avenue for sonic nuance. 

In Mess You Up, she does just that. The entire track glistens over the complexities of self-love and personal growth, coming to land in a place that feels both weathered and renewed. 

As easy as it is to float in and out of relationships, Amani realises that true love can only be given and received after learning what it truly means to love yourself. Echoing bass, dreamy vocals, and distorted melodies wash away any predispositions audiences have and place them within the world that the singer has crafted. 

Mess You Up is as sensitive as it is formidable, a track that will have you pressing rewind from the beginning. Have a listen below: